Donald Trump and his henchmen are trying to hurry up and finish the job

It may look like Donald Trump and his corrupt administration are finished as the White House plunges deeper into chaos – and it may indeed be true that they won’t be seeing better days before this long national nightmare is over. But that doesn’t mean our work, or the work of anyone considering themselves a part of the Resistance, is over, or even close to being done. Trump and his few remaining allies may be cannibalizing each other, but that hardly means they aren’t still dangerous and still actively ruining peoples’ lives, sometimes irreparably.

Although the media’s focus has largely shifted towards Robert Mueller and Trump’s surprise trade war with Mexico, the atrocities his administration is allowing to happen at the border are still very real. The lives of innocent migrant children are being destroyed, their legal rights blatantly violated as they are held in overcrowded facilities for sometimes well beyond the 72 hour limit they are allowed to be detained.

However bad things are in the administration, the situation with detained migrants has gotten so drastic that even Custom Border Patrol officials have leaked to the press about how dismal the situation is – facilities that are inadequate for detaining anyone for the long term – and being forced to use benches for beds. One border facility in El Paso, meant to house 125 people is currently forced to hold 900.

It can be easy to laugh at Donald Trump’s antics. But the situation he has significantly worsened at the border is just a glimpse at what his administration’s corruption and incompetence can lead to – the inevitable result of his deliberate cruelty and casual bigotry, which led to the death of six migrants, despite there being no fatalities in custody over the last decade. Even with Donald Trump gone, America’s reputation in the eyes of the rest of the world may never be the same, for allowing these evils to happen. We must fight back and resist every step of the way.

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