Here comes the cavalry

Joe Biden just keeps expanding his lead over Donald Trump, in every poll, in every swing state. But there are still four and a half months until the election, and no matter how far Trump falls behind, we have to treat this like it’s going to be a close race.

One of the big concerns has been that the Donald Trump campaign is supposedly the “Death Star” in terms of being a cohesively evil operation, and in terms of being able to pull in fundraising from the evil powers that be. But over the past week we’ve even seen that narrative turned on its head.

It turns out the Trump 2020 campaign only resembles the Death Star in the sense that it’s poorly constructed and rife with vulnerabilities, such as the blind spots that led to Donald Trump’s high profile failure of a Tulsa rally. We’ve also seen that last month, Joe Biden out-fundraised Trump. Notably, when Biden held a joint fundraiser last night with President Obama, they received donations from 175,000 different people.

In other words, even as we wait to see what kind of evil cavalry comes to try to prop up a failing Donald Trump, we’re seeing that another cavalry is coming for Joe Biden – and it’s all of you.

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