Here comes the hastening of Donald Trump’s downfall

The destruction of Trump isn’t going to come from the coronavirus, nor from the looming recession. The end of Trump will come at the bar room-level, whereby hardened Republicans, talking amongst themselves, look for leadership, and finally admit to each other that there is none here.

Leadership is being exemplified by Singapore, a tiny island city-state at the crossroads of the world. They experienced SARS in 2002 and from the lessons they learned then, they are now handling COVID-19 in a world-class fashion. Enter the Trump administration and its first coronavirus fatality in Washington state. Trump is being overruled by the CDC and has come out with a new “transparency” in relation to COVID-19 cases. We’ll see. In truth, closing our southern border and early restriction of flights from China, is just latching the barn door after the horse got out. The time to act was back in November, certainly no later than January. And Trump couldn’t be bothered. He was fighting impeachment. It was all about him.

It’s still all about him, but now there will be real live Republicans who will be affected by Trump’s decisions. Some will die. The fact that the Republican agenda has no plan for a replacement of Obamacare puts us all at risk. Those without good affordable healthy insurance will delay getting diagnosed and treated. They will spread the virus.

Singapore’s parliament and president have refused a month’s payment in order to place these funds toward combating the virus. They have also authorized payments to those individuals who are quarantined. This goes a long way toward cooperation. Trump will refused to help those ensnared in this mess, but he will give lips service to them, just like he did with our farmers whom he ruined.

But while all of this is dangerous and sickening, it will hasten the Trump administration’s demise. So wash your hands and be grateful we are finally on the road to the end.

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