Here comes the tsunami

Donald Trump seems to have been smacked down by his military advisors, if his behavior in yesterday’s speech was any indication. Nancy Pelosi is ruling the roost with her House war powers resolution brought to vote so quickly. The new Trump talking points are, of course, that if Trump’s behavior was so egregious and urgent, why aren’t the Articles of Impeachment being sent over right away? The right has a point, of course, but the caveat is the assumption of a fair trial, which is obviously not going to happen in the Senate. It’s all very frustrating, but we’re pretty sure Pelosi knows the situation clearly. We’re also confident that that situation gets uglier for Trump by the hour and Trump knows it.

What’s happening now is the New York City Bar Association is asking Congress to investigate Bill Barr for bias. Check. Ivanka and Don Jr. are back in the news over their lying to sell condos. Check. The Canadians will push back against Trump and his unhinged behavior quite fiercely now that his actions have caused the deaths of so many of their countrymen and women on Flight 752. Check.

While things aren’t happening as quickly as we’d like given what we know about this family of grifters who’ve taken over our country, the tsunami is coming. And now would be a good time to think about all the Trump, Ivanka, and Iran’s Revolutionary Guard connections in their failed building in Baku, Azerbaijan. This hasn’t quite been focused on enough by the press and should be. The Trump building in Baku has been fraught with rumors of money laundering for the same organization that Soleimani headed. Add the fact that the Ukrainian airliner was shot down in Iran by a Russian missile, you’ve got a lot to piece together here.

The point here is that Pelosi knows so much more than we do. There’s much more to come but every hour and day that goes by brings us closer to Trump’s removal. Hang on. It’s a bumpy year and there’s much more turbulence to come.

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