Here’s how to stop Bernie Sanders from being the Democratic nominee

If Bernie Sanders is the Democratic nominee, he’ll lose to Trump. Not happening on my watch. We’ll keep Bernie under 50% of the delegates. We’ll have a brokered convention. And we’ll pick an actual Democrat as the nominee. Bernie will whine like a baby, and some of his supporters will go completely berserk, so we’ll just have to work that much harder to beat Trump in November.

To be clear, what I’m talking about is simply how the rules work. Bernie signed off on the 2020 convention rules, because he assumed he’d be in second place, and he wanted an opportunity to still take the nomination. So we’ll simply follow the rules. Once the delegates are released at the convention and we enter a brokered convention, the released delegates should line up behind whichever (actual) Democrat has the most delegates. Bernie simply does not have broad enough support to win over a majority of delegates at the convention.

If Bernie does rack up greater than 50% of the delegates before the convention, then he will be the nominee. There will be no way around that, and we’ll have to get behind him, even though he’ll almost certainly lose to Trump. The key is to make sure Bernie doesn’t get anywhere near 50% of the delegates in the upcoming states.

We don’t need to unite behind one candidate yet. For now, what matters is convincing as many people as possible in upcoming states to vote for any of the actual Democrats, to keep as many delegates away from Bernie as possible. We can’t allow a Putin-assisted eighty year old socialist, who recently had a heart attack, and who has no chance of beating Trump, to be our nominee. A brokered convention isn’t a perfect plan, but it’s literally our only chance of taking Trump down.

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