Here’s the only thing you need to know about Joe Biden’s campaign

Even as Joe Biden was running up the score in all three states last night, a Bernie Sanders surrogate from Justice Democrats appeared on CNN and asserted that Biden has an enthusiasm problem. The contrast would have been comical in its absurdity, if this election weren’t so crucial to the fate of the nation and the world.

Joe Biden got three votes in Florida yesterday for every one vote that Bernie Sanders got. Biden won every county in Florida; none of them were even close. Biden won Illinois in such a blowout, Sanders only carried a single county. More importantly, turnout was way up in Florida. People voted in droves in the state, and most of them turned out for Biden.

That’s the definition of enthusiasm. Joe Biden is driving huge numbers to the polls to vote for him. That’s the only “enthusiasm” that matters. What do these pundits want voters to do to show how enthused they are about Biden? Do a little dance on the way into the voting booth? This is an absurd narrative. Biden is the enthusiasm candidate, by the only metric that counts.

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