Hey Donald Trump, careful what you wish for

The impeachment hearings are going forward with the fact finding coming from the Democrats and delusional rantings from the Republicans. It’s clear Trump has committed several impeachable offenses. But let’s take a moment from the hearings to explain the anti-Semitic George Soros conspiracy theory and the book, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion that Dr. Fiona Hill mentioned during her testimony. This repeatedly debunked publication from 1903 outlines the fictitious plan of global Jewish dominance. It is still promoted by white supremacy groups and was a platform on which the Holocaust was built.

George Soros is not perfect. But he is certainly not ruling the world. To spout these theories, which are eagerly embraced by the uneducated, is flat out anti-Semitic. The rubes don’t care, of course. Few of them are Jewish in any case. But it behooves all of us to inform ourselves and push back when it becomes apparent these ideas are being resurrected again. The Republicans cheer on the George Soros conspiracy and everyone should point out that it’s deeply shameful moment in our country’s history.

Today was a landmark in testimony. The witnesses were measured and appeared extremely truthful. It was hard to push back by the Republicans, but they tried. Jim Jordan’s strident posturing can literally trigger projectile vomiting. But the thing the Republicans all seemed to mention was how are eager they are for the trial in the Senate.

This is a “be careful what you wish for” classic. Once Justice John Roberts begins the trial to impeach Trump, everything is going to paraded in live television. It will be more and more difficult to keep things under control. We don’t know if there are any Republicans who haven’t taken Russian funding, who aren’t idiots, or who have any integrity, but we’re going to see them out themselves live. And we’re going to vote appropriately.

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