Hey Donald Trump, we’re coming for you

Donald Trump needs to reach into his limited repertoire for a new nickname for Joe Biden, as he is “Sleepy Joe” no more. Joe Biden is displaying a new vigor from his successes of the last few days. Biden managed to win 10 of 14 states, including Elizabeth Warren’s home state of Massachusetts. Biden didn’t even campaign in many of the states he won.

According to CNN, Amy Klobuchar’s volunteers hit the streets in Minnesota and literally got the vote out, and she also appeared in ads on both television and radio. Bernie Sanders, having won California, is still in the race, but it’s now a two-man race for all intents and purposes.

As of this writing, Warren has not yet dropped out, but Bloomberg did. True to his word, he is backing Joe Biden. In his announcement, Bloomberg said, “I’ve always believed that defeating Donald Trump starts with uniting behind the candidate with the best shot to do it. After yesterday’s vote, it is clear that candidate is my friend and a great American, Joe Biden.”

In addition to Bloomberg, Biden has also received an endorsement from former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, who touts the Obama administration’s work on the Recovery Act. Granholm told CNN that “Michigan is not going to forget. We were on our knees and Joe Biden picked us up and carried us on his shoulders. We came back just like Joe Biden came back over the past few days.” Now, the race to remove the worst president in history from the people’s White House is underway.

NPR points out that Sanders and Biden have very different ideologies. Sanders embraces radical change, while Biden believes that working to pull together a majority is the best approach. NPR further shows that Biden and Sanders have very different bases of support. Biden’s exit polling reveals his strength among moderates, conservatives, voters 45+ and African Americans, as published by AP. In Alabama, Biden won 70% of African American voters, and just like South Carolina, those voters are in the majority. Sanders attracts liberals, younger voters, and Latinos, who make up 30% of California, and Sanders handily took the Latino vote in that state. The AP also reports that Biden “enjoyed an advantage among women and college graduates.”

A few interesting takeaways from Super Tuesday: (1) Democrat turnout was huge in several states. According to CNN, Virginia’s voting reflected a 70% increase; (2) Biden won five states in which he didn’t even campaign; (3) Biden has built a solid coalition of African Americans, older voters, and white suburbanites while Sanders’ coalition consists of Latinos, younger voters, liberals and independents; (4) Bloomberg wasted $230 million in advertisements in the Super Tuesday states only to drop out Wednesday morning; and (5) Elizabeth Warren lost every contest and must decide where she goes from here. One thing is very clear: We’re coming for you, “president” Donald Trump.

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