Everyone piles on after Donald Trump receives hilariously bad 2020 poll numbers

It’s official: Donald Trump’s quest to get reelected is currently failing on a historic, catastrophic, mind boggling level. Current Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden has a thirteen point lead over Trump in the new Quinnipiac poll. Other 2020 Democrats also have large leads, with Trump failing to get above 41% to 42% against any viable opponent.

This new poll ended up more or less taking over social media, with “Trump 41%” becoming the top trending topic on Twitter. The reason: everyone kept piling on by jokingly suggesting all the other people and things that Trump is also losing to. For instance, comedian Christopher Titus quipped “Accidental Vasectomy with a hedge trimmer 42%, Trump 41%.” Others suggested that unpalatable figures such as Hannibal Lecter would also outpoll Trump’s 41%.

Each day we hear various pundits – on television in particular – insist that Donald Trump will inevitably win in 2020. The reasons cited always vary: the economy, the racist vote, you name it. But these numbers make clear that the current reality is the extreme opposite: Trump is as far away from being in contention for 2020 as an incumbent president can possibly be. And no, the Russian hackers and the vote suppressors can’t magically close a gap this large, as their bag of tricks requires putting a huge amount of effort into rigging things just to move the needle by a tiny amount.

We all know how early it still is in the 2020 election cycle. Nothing should be taken for granted. If you want Donald Trump to lose, you should spend the next year and a half working to run up the score on behalf of the eventual Democratic nominee. But the idea that Trump is somehow in the driver’s seat? The precise opposite is true. He’s on track to lose so historically badly, he could cost the GOP the Senate along the way.

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