Donald Trump is getting eaten alive

Faux president Donald Trump stuck to his word (for once) and declared a national emergency over his vanity wall. He now wants $8 billion. The man is insane. He said in his press conference this afternoon that, “I may be sued. I don’t know that I can be sued.” Yeah, we know: You know little of anything, and you certainly don’t know anything about the law.

Hopefully, Trump now understands that he can be sued, since Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) has already done so. This watchdog group filed its suit almost immediately after Trump’s declaration, demanding that the Department of Justice immediately turn over any and all documents that give authority to the president to invoke emergency powers. Executive Director Noah Bookinder explains the lawsuit: “Americans deserve to know the true basis for President Trump’s unprecedented decision to enact emergency powers to pay for a border wall.” Hopefully, Trump is buckled up for the ride, as this is merely the first of many lawsuits to come.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has already verbalized its intent to file suit early next week. The ACLU’s Executive Director stated this: “By the president’s very own admission in the Rose Garden, there is no national emergency. He just grew impatient and frustrated with Congress … This is a patently illegal power grab that hurts American communities and flouts the checks and balances that are hallmarks of our democracy.”

It is a real shame that this “president” cares so little for the American people and our institutions that have existed long before his ill-advised foray into politics and that they will be standing long after he is mercifully gone from office. The list of plaintiffs is going to be long, and the State of California, which state has already withdrawn its National Guard from the border, will also be filing suit. So is the State of New York.

What is really telling in this entire fiasco is that Donald Trump’s former allies have turned on him big time. Ann Coulter told The Wrap that the only national emergency we have is that “our president is an idiot.” Duh. Most of us have known that for a very long time. It took something as ridiculously drastic as declaring a national emergency for a vanity wall for his former allies to see this. And why are they seeing it now? They, as the rest of us now know that this is likely the biggest, final nail in Trump’s coffin. Like most of America, this move makes my blood boil. To be continued…