Donald Trump is having a no good, horrible, very bad day

The bad news keeps rolling for “president” Donald Trump. Judge Royce Lamberth denied Trump’s attempt to block the release of John Bolton’s book, which makes sense considering that Simon & Schuster, Bolton’s publisher, had already released 200,000 copies of the book in the U.S. and thousands more in the UK, Canada, Australia, and India CNN reported. Stopping the release is akin to “closing the barn door after the horse got out.”

Judge Lamberth also warned Bolton that the book could bring criminal charges against Bolton if he did indeed leak information compromising national security. Trump, of course, declared victory, calling the ruling in the case a “BIG COURT WIN against Bolton.” If you say so, Trump. This is definitely NOT a victory for Trump. As for Bolton, if he really wanted to show he stands with and for the people, he would have testified in the impeachment proceedings instead of lining his pockets. It is still bad news for Trump, and it would not be the last for this weekend.

Washington Post reported that six members of Trump’s advance team have tested positive for coronavirus. What did they expect would happen? Oklahoma has been experiencing spikes in the virus with 331 new cases reported immediately before Trump’s hate rally per Washington Post. Yet, they decided to move forward with their function. It is a good time to be glad you are not a Trump supporter. Even Trump’s people knew this was dangerous, asking rally attendees to sign waivers. Those who did are incredibly stupid and will have no one to blame but themselves should they contract the virus.

Since Trump supporters still believe coronavirus to be a hoax, they do not wear masks, and many had no plans to wear one for this event. Trump, ever the caring president, told them to “do what they want” as far as masks go, and there were no social distancing requirements. An invitation to illness and death. If that is who they choose to support as president, that choice is on them. The sad part is that they will leave the rally and infect others with whom they come in contact. Coronavirus is like a spider web. It keeps spreading its reach until it catches more in its web.

Finally, Trump decided to get one more roadblock out of the way by firing U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman. Trump blamed Barr, while Barr openly said that Trump “fired Berman.” Trump’s response? Typical Trump: “I’m not involved.” Yes, Trump is innocent again. Jerry Nadler has already vowed to open an investigation into Berman’s firing, so this is far from over.

These events continue to reveal that if we do not get that thing out of the White House, we are well on our way to becoming a nation controlled by a dictator. If you are unsure how a dictatorship will work out, just ask anyone living in Russia or North Korea. The good news is that Trump just continues to dig his own grave. He needs some help. Can someone please hand me a shovel?

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