House Democrats confirm what Palmer Report already told you about Robert Mueller’s report

For the past week, some (not all) television pundits have been pushing a scary and ratings-friendly narrative about new Attorney General William Barr simply taking Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report about Donald Trump and sticking it in a drawer, and somehow getting away with it. Palmer Report has been pointing out that there is literally zero chance of this happening, for a few reasons.

First, the overwhelming public demand to see such a report would create an untenable situation and catastrophic scandal for Donald Trump if he buried it, which would likely force him out of office sooner. Second, Barr would be committing felony obstruction of justice by burying the relevant parts of the report, and he doesn’t seem stupid enough to be willing to go to prison for Trump. Third, the House Democrats have an endless number of ways to make the report public.

For instance, Palmer Report pointed out awhile ago that House Democrats could simply subpoena Robert Mueller’s report, and in fact subpoena Robert Mueller, and have him come in and read his report out loud in front of the television cameras. Trump could try to go to court to stop it, but Mueller would be all for it, so the courts would all but certainly rule in favor of allowing Mueller to testify. Now the House Democrats are revealing that they plan to do precisely that if necessary.

House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff appeared on the Sunday morning talk show circuit yesterday and confirmed that if it comes down to it, he’ll use his unilateral subpoena power to bring Robert Mueller and his report into evidence. As we’ve said from the start, there is zero chance Mueller’s report gets buried. The whole thing is a media creation to scare people into staying tuned in. Now can we get back to all the real things we have to worry about?