House GOP swings and misses as Donald Trump circles the drain

As the impeachment hearings commenced on Wednesday with yet even more unsettling revelations that don’t bode so well for Donald Trump, Republicans managed to damage their reputations even further without him. Over the last several weeks, as the impact of Donald Trump’s crimes have become harder to ignore, they’ve desperately been looking for a way to question the legitimacy of the process that their voters can rally behind.

The problem is, they’re having a hard time finding one that will stick. When the closed-door depositions were taking place, they decided to storm a secure room with their camera phones, claiming they were being shut out of the hearings, even though a number of Republicans already had clearance to be there in the first place. Now that the hearings are happening on live television as they demanded, they need another excuse.

As soon as the Democrats began to question witnesses at yesterday’s House Intelligence Committee hearing, Reps. Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows, who have sacrificed their own worthless reputations on Trump’s behalf and cried the loudest about holding public hearings, left the room. This was after American diplomat Bill Taylor dropped a bombshell about Trump withholding U.S. military aid to Ukraine.

The fact is that Republicans like Jordan and Meadows care about the truth as much as they care about national security – which is to say, not at all. They are typically interested in only the appearance of being right, even when the facts are not on their side. After a few minutes of deranged conspiracy nonsense, they had no interest in what the rest of the hearing was about – they decided to leave, confident that their drivel would make headlines and score them points with Trump’s base. The media would be wise to watch what Republicans like Meadows and Jordan actually do, not what they say.

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