House Republicans are spiraling out of control

When Trump’s defenders are disconnecting their brains in order to stand with him, it’s a sign that Trumpism is failing. The mental gymnastics being asked of these low-brow champions of The Donald is breathtaking. Their scare-mongering tactics, such as Fox News attorney Victoria Toensing implying that no one’s privacy is assured if her very relevant phone calls are brought up in the House Report, are their only defense. They say it’s okay for us to be a laughingstock of NATO, to embrace Russia over our allies, but the truth is all Americans are giving up their security for Trump & Co. to stab America and our allies in the back for their personal gain.

What we’re seeing in ads on Facebook is the fact that they’re outraged their king is being chastened and – hopefully – removed. They flail the printed Constitution at all who pass by while outrageously flouting the meaning of the words in their hands. They get away with this because of the fact that Trump’s base has clearly never read the Constitution. It’s all smoke and mirrors. If you deny strongly enough, if you spin and deceive, pound the table and spew tears of outrage, you can fool some of the people all of the time.

But. As the saying goes, you cannot fool all of them all of the time. Which is the tsunami the Republican Party is facing at the moment. Their greed and corruption is finally being brought into the light and it frightens them. They can “whatabout” the Dems all they want to, but they’ve spun lie after lie, spurious investigation after spurious investigation, and they’ve gotten nothing out of these but a fistful of worthless Trump dollars.
You need evidence of a crime to convict. We’re seeing it in real time now, and the evidence is damning. We don’t even have all of it yet. Think of the crimes Trump has committed that we don’t know about. Think of the things he’s hiding.

The Republican Party made a mess of things because greed was their only guiding principle. The conservatives who still have some morals are going to have to remake the Republican Party in order to survive this onslaught of Russian corruption. If the Confederates were able to transform themselves into true Americans, the Republican Party can do the same. But the first step is to adopt a policy of facts and truth. The next is going to have to be a new name, because very soon, if not already happening, few are going to be willing to vote for anyone with an R next to a name on the ballot.

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