How far we’ve fallen

Like a lot of governments around the world, the current regime in China is not to be trusted – for a long list of reasons. Donald Trump spends a lot of time ranting and raving about China, but he usually misses the point, which is that the government of China can’t be trusted because it’s corrupt and it treats its own people poorly.

The real problem here is that Donald Trump has turned the United States into such a disaster, the regime in China now looks good in comparison:


We can spend all day debating the concept of American exceptionalism. But the reality is that if it does exist, it certainly hasn’t existed during the Donald Trump era. China may only be testing its own people because it doesn’t want the hassle of another outbreak, and not because it cares about its people – but at least it’s competent enough to test its people. Trump can’t or won’t even do that much.

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