How Joe Biden wins this from here

When Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race today, Donald Trump had a frantic meltdown about it on Twitter, giving away that Trump was really hoping Sanders would stay in until the bitter end and sabotage Joe Biden. But now that Biden is the Democratic nominee, what happens next?

Even before Sanders dropped out, the polls showed that about 85% of his supporters were planning to vote for Joe Biden over Donald Trump. Now that Sanders is out, that number should inch even higher. The other 15% of Bernie supporters, the ones who are only in this to burn it all down, are going completely berserk on social media today. But it’s important not to confuse their loudness for their numbers. They’re a small minority of Sanders’ base.

The key is that Joe Biden now has eight months to win over the 85% and convince them to show up at the polls in November. The other 15% will do everything they can to try to sabotage Biden, and convince the 85% not to vote for him. The key for the rest of us is to find a way to separate the sane 85% from the deranged 15%.

It’s arguably more important than ever to fight back against the “Bernie or Bust” loons, who are only looking to poison the well. But keep in mind that they’re a small minority of Sanders’ base, and they don’t represent the other 85%. We just have to make sure they don’t succeed in selling their lies about Biden to the 85%.

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