Donald Trump just found a whole new way to humiliate himself

Just how pathetic is Donald Trump? He’s the “President” of the United States, and he’s still an insecure loser. Trump is negatively obsessed with President Obama, to the point that he’s tried to blame all of his scandals on Obama, and he’s tried to undo every one of Obama’s accomplishments. Now Trump pulled off a humiliating reversal.

When President Obama first took office, the official unemployment rate was at about 8%, but it quickly surged to 10%, meaning Obama essentially inherited a 10% unemployment rate. By the time Obama left office, he’d gotten the unemployment rate down to about 4%. Donald Trump inherited that 4% unemployment rate, and as of today it’s risen to 10%.

Considering that Trump’s negligent and dishonest handling of the coronavirus crisis directly led to the lockdowns and shutdowns that tanked the economy, Trump is entirely responsible for the unemployment rate going from 4% to 10%. But hey, congrats to Trump on managing to reverse yet another Obama policy.

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