Donald Trump just found a whole new way to humiliate himself

The United States has never seen such a nasty, vindictive, and classless man in the White House as “President” Donald Trump. Instead of staying at the White House and doing his job, Trump spent his time hosting a hate-filled rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He can’t do his job, so he prefers to rile up his base by acting like an ass.

Prior to ordering his staff to boycott the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Trump went on a tweet tirade about the “fake news.” He’s still wondering when the New York Times is going to apologize to him. I advise him to hold his breath until that happens. Please, do us all a favor.

During his rally, Trump lambasted the FBI and Justice Department, where his new lackey Bill Barr is now in charge, and he shamelessly supported Saudi Arabia. Though he previously denied that he said he would send undocumented immigrants to sanctuary cities, he boasted that it was his “sick” idea at his rally. Virtually all of his ideas are sick, so what’s his point?

Trump then moved on to insult Democratic candidates, referring to Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas,” Bernie Sanders as “Crazy Bernie,” and Joe Biden as “Sleepy Joe.” Trump had earlier told Sean Hannity that he calls Biden “Sleepy” because the word it rhymes with is “too nasty.” And that has stopped Trump when? The man has absolutely no class, no couth, and no morals. Trump falsely claimed that Democrats want to “execute” babies. As usual, Trump is taking this information out of context and using the information to fan the flames of his supporters, who either can’t or won’t read such things for themselves to get to the truth.

In Trump’s world, FBI officials who don’t agree with him are “scum” and we should support Saudi Arabia because they are “a very rich country” and “buy a lot from us.” He went so far as to say that he doesn’t “want to lose them.” If only we could lose him. This man is a stain of shame on our nation. Presidents should lift people up, give us hope, and help us toward better days. Trump is the exact opposite. He spews hateful rhetoric, tears down those he should be building up, and reminds us that we are currently living in our darkest hours.

Unfortunately, we are living in dark times. Those who know the truth – not those who accept the truth according to Trump – must continue to support each other and continue to work toward ridding our country of this scourge.

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