I beg your pardon

Attorney General Bill Barr was reportedly seen heading to the White House in the midst of Trump’s flurry of pardons and commutations. Trump’s not only signaling to Roger Stone that he’s got his back, he’s also signaling to the entire Republican Senate that they’ll be looked after as well. Lisa Murkowski got her grant and Susan Collins got her housing money for their states. It’s interesting that Tennessee, Maine and Alaska were awarded big sums for public projects two weeks after Trump’s shame acquittal.

Trump’s Republican Party of “Just Us” is as corrupt as we’ve seen since Boss Tweed. The only remedy for AG Barr is disbarment. Impeaching him will take too long. Meanwhile, Paul Manafort has been in prison for two years and counting. Trump is either going to lump him in the slew to look as if he’s just pardoning everyone and not doing any special favors, or Manafort will be notably absent.

Again, if Trump pardons anyone involved in his schemes such as Manafort and Stone, he’s taking a real chance that, once pardoned, these guys will go on to squawk about their Trump crimes once Trump is out of office and unable to offer anymore relief.

The dangling of pardons is very effective, however, in order to buy silence and Trump needs a lot of it. The Deutsche Bank documents on the Trump loans are getting ready to drop. John Bolton is hinting at the explosiveness of his book. (Don’t buy the book. Get the summary and shut him out of his royalties.) Nancy Pelosi will be forced to have to have another impeachment even though it risks martyring Trump.

The Trump cult is just that. There are signs on lawns posted on the internet that God bows down to Donald Trump. These people are politically unsalvageable and thankfully, they are not most Americans. The majority of Americans love their country and are appalled at what has happened, both Republican and Democrat. Mitt Romney proved this. We’re in a historical time of change and its scary. But people see what’s happening to their country and they will vote accordingly.

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