Donald Trump’s idiocy reaches lethal proportions

It’s official: Trump’s stupidity is lethal. In the wake of Trump’s horrendous bungling of addressing the Covid-19 pandemic early, the markets have crashed, countless events have been canceled, travel is constrained, and most pressingly, people are quite literally dying. Unfortunately, it looks like things will be getting worse before they get better. And that might be true for Trump on a personal level.

Trump’s aggressively anti-science mentality has no doubt contributed in large part to his pathetic decision making here. In Trump’s defense, plenty of stupid world leaders have also bungled the coronavirus response. Take for example China, where the virus originated—Beijing at first tried hard to suppress reports of the virus, presumably for the same reason Trump tried to downplay the crisis: trying to keep economic stability. Trying to carry on as usual is what gave us the pandemic in the first place, and undoubtedly has led to unnecessary deaths.

Then we get to Iran, a country where most of the parliament had the virus as of a couple weeks ago, and now has quietly started digging mass graves in the city of Qom. Another example of how suppression is leading to deaths.

Finally we get to Jair Bolsonaro, president of Brazil and the man who might send humanity into a climate Armageddon for the sake of short-term profits. He reportedly tested positive for the virus earlier today after poorly-planned interactions with aides and other world leaders (Trump being one of them), but now reports are saying he tested negative. The jury’s out on Bolsonaro, but given his penchant for lying, I’m not buying these new reports until it’s clear he isn’t infected. His response in Brazil does not appear to be great, although the country has not yet suffered a single death from the disease.

So now what? Well, Trump himself has interacted with several people who have tested positive for the coronavirus and has refused to be tested until now. This morning Trump suddenly claimed he was tested last night.

This has been made a lot worse by Trump and those around him. This is what happens when stupid elected officials suppress scientists and healthcare professionals because they fear the economy might “take a hit” if the truth comes out. This is what happens when we elect people who seem to be afraid of going to the doctor and who don’t believe in science. This is what happens when we elect someone who doesn’t take responsibility. All these depraved shitheads care about is money and image — they don’t care about your wellbeing. Vote them out for God’s sake — people are dying. We deserve better.

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