Donald Trump’s idiot supporters are even dumber than we thought

The jokes about this administration write themselves. Donald Trump Jr.’s evidence that his father cannot be a racist is because he let him as a child play with Michael Jackson. Jim “Gym” Jordon is another of Trump’s blood brothers, a man credibly accused of looking the other way while his compadre sexually preyed upon dozens of boys. And let’s not forget Mark Meadows who ran in 2012 on the racist platform of sending Obama “back to Kenya.”

Great group of rocket scientists there. But the thing we are going to struggle with in dealing with Trumpsters is the fact that not only are they racists, they’re really just not that bright. Yes, they can display areas of savantism – the My Pillow guy sure knows how to sell overpriced pillows to rubes and make a fortune. But to ask these guys to understand why Trump’s phone call to Ukraine was so bad is a pretty high bar for them to jump.

So, let’s make it simple: Point out that Ukraine is our ally. Ukraine is in a war with Russia because Russia stole Ukraine territory. Trump withheld military aid for Ukraine until they produced dirt on Biden. It’s that simple.

But if that doesn’t work, here is the final nail in the Trump administration coffin: Trump is pleased to be invited to the Russian May Day parade and will in all likelihood attend. The Russians are historically known to display their most spectacular weaponry at this parade. Please, no matter how challenged the Trumpster, ask them to explain why it is appropriate for our President to attend a parade of nuclear weapons that are normally pointed at us. We’ll wait.

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