The next impeachment cycle is upon us. It’s being reported that Trump sent former Congressman Dana Rohrabacher to Julian Assange in order to promise a pardon in exchange for Assange keeping mum about Russia’s hack of the DNC. While frontal lobe dementia melts Trump’s brain, Nancy Pelosi has remained silent.

Trump is going to prison when this is all over. Pelosi knows this. Part of the blessing and the curse of longevity is you know if you wait long enough, things will change. Pelosi may be waiting it out, letting Trump do his own damage without having to swim upstream with another impeachment heading to the corrupt Senate. Trump’s numbers are pretty bad, in spite of all the handwringing. The more that comes out every day, the more damage this will do to him. Pelosi knows this.

But if things appear so egregious – and we’re talking about Trump here which is a very high standard of egregiousness – Pelosi will impeach him again. There is the problem that Trump will shake it off in the Senate again, but one thing is becoming clearer. If Rohrabacher was acting on Trump’s behalf for Russia, if Kevin McCarthy was right in that secretly recorded conversation with Paul Ryan about who Putin pays, we think the rest of the Senate needs to have their finances and deals put under the microscope.

It’s one thing to speculate about Putin’s deep pockets and interference. Now it’s time for a true investigation of the entire Republican Party. They are in dire need of a forensic colonoscopy and no one will be more thorough than Pelosi.

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