We told you Donald Trump is still on track to be impeached

All along, various Democratic House leaders have hinted (or outright stated) that Donald Trump will be impeached eventually. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has only ever said that impeachment wasn’t going to happen right then and there, at whatever time she was saying those words. She’s never said it won’t happen, no matter how many times she’s misquoted on this. Palmer Report has pointed out all along that impeachment is definitely still on the table, because of course it is. Now we’ve got confirmation.

Jerry Nadler, the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee – where the impeachment process begins – said this past weekend that “articles of impeachment are under consideration as part of the Committee’s investigation.” It’s not too difficult to parse what’s going on here. Multiple House committees are currently running investigations into Donald Trump’s various scandals, and they’re each in the process of fighting court battles over evidence and testimony.

The impeachment process can’t move forward until these legal battles are fought and won – and the process takes far longer than anyone would like. It’s why Pelosi keeps saying that impeachment isn’t going to happen yet. It’s why Nadler keeps saying impeachment is under consideration. They’re all buying time until they win the court battles that have to be won.

Once the courts rule that Donald Trump’s former underlings and co-conspirators must publicly testify about Trump’s crimes, and must turn over incriminating evidence against Trump, the House Democrats will be able to hold the kind of impeachment hearings that can actually take Trump down. We told you Donald Trump is still on track to be impeached, and he is.

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