Donald Trump’s worst enemy

The Democrats still don’t know whether they are going to get new witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial, but CNN makes an interesting point about witnesses when it says, “Can’t get a new witness? Call Donald J. Trump.” Ever since stealing the presidency, Trump has arguably been his own worst enemy. He lies incessantly, takes credit for things he didn’t do, and consistently tries to pull the proverbial wool over everyone’s eyes. Unfortunately, his Republican Senate friends consistently go along with whatever he says, no matter how ridiculous it might be.

Because the Republicans continue to stall on witnesses, the Democrats are using Trump as a witness by playing videos of him boasting and inviting foreign assistance to his cause. For instance, Adam Schiff played a video in which Trump said, “I have, Article II, where I have the right to do whatever I want as President.” No, you don’t, you big-mouthed bully. Schiff also played Trump’s video from 2016, asking Russia to “find Hillary Clinton’s 30,000 missing emails” and one from 2019 asking China to investigate Joe Biden. Then, he hit them with the big one: Trump’s interview with George Stephanopoulos in which he said, “I think I’d want to hear it” when asked about “election dirt” from a foreign country. Trump would never have the balls to appear before this body, and Schiff knows that. Instead, he gave them a concise, compelling montage of Trump’s criminal and unethical behavior.

Trump said in his Davos press conference that he opposed President Clinton’s impeachment even though “Clinton was doing bad things, like lying.” He then incredibly went on to say: “Now, with me, there’s no lying.” Is he trying to convince himself? We know better. Thinking of Trump recalls Meghan Trainor’s song “Lips Are Moving.” The man lies consistently. He is a serial liar. CNN points out that Trump has been “serially dishonest” about the impeachment process and Ukraine.

Trump made at least fourteen false claims at the Davos press conference, as well as in interviews on CNBC and Fox Business. First, Trump restated his lie about Schiff misrepresenting the summary before it was released. This is patently false. Schiff paraphrased the summary after its release. Trump further claimed that “all hell broke loose” among Democrats once he released the summary. This is also false. One of the biggest whoppers he told, however, is that he didn’t hold up the Ukraine aide. Instead his story is this: “Now, here’s the other thing: They got their money long before schedule. So they got the money. In fact, they got it early.” If this were true, why was Elaine McCusker, acting Pentagon comptroller, preparing to submit Impoundment paperwork?

The man, using the term loosely, is completely scandalous, but his Republican colleagues are worse. The truth is staring them in the face, yet they continue to come up with excuses and ridiculous talking points to protect the liar-in-chief. Some believe Trump has something on some of them, but this is far more sinister. They are all getting over on us, and without Trump, they won’t be able to continue. We won’t get Trump removed, but we can take this information with us to the polls in November.

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