Indicted Rudy Giuliani associate takes a blow

Now that Donald Trump and Bill Barr have tried and failed to put their own lackey in charge of the SDNY, it ensures that the criminal case against Rudy Giuliani is still on track for now. That means it’s probably bad timing for Rudy that one of his already-indicted associates just lost a key court ruling.

Rudy Giuliani associate David Correia was indicted late last year, as part of the probe that also saw the arrests of Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman. The question all along has been whether any of them would cut plea deals against Giuliani, who is the bigger fish. Parnas has publicly stated that Trump and Giuliani are guilty, while Fruman has seemingly remained on Trump’s team. Correia is still fighting the charges, but that just got a lot harder.

Courthouse News is now reporting that Correia has failed in his attempt at getting key evidence against him suppressed. This means that Correia is more likely to be convicted, and thus perhaps more likely to cut a plea deal against Rudy Giuliani. Now that we know the SDNY is still in the hands of the good guys, Rudy has got to be sweating more than ever about his own inevitable arrest.

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