The day of the great indictment roundup is coming

The day of the great Indictment Roundup is coming. Here’s a hint: we’re not talking about illegal immigrants. Julian Assange never thought the day would come, until he was forced, struggling and shouting, out of the Ecuadorian embassy by plainclothes British policemen. Nor did he see that U.S. indictment coming, since he was technically in the embassy seeking refuge from charges of rape in Sweden. Sean Hannity and Trump must be shaking in their boots over the upcoming Assange/WikiLeaks interrogations. Here’s another hint: the clock really and truly is running down on the biggest fish, Donald J. Trump.

Pressure points include a letter from prominent democrats insisting on the full, unredacted Mueller Report. I know we’re sick of “very stern letters” producing no results, but every letter is a turn of the screw, and this is the biggest one yet. Treasure Secretary Steve Mnuchin is resisting handing over Trump’s tax returns, but will come to regret the day of the inevitable: handing the aforementioned tax returns over, and spending time in a jail cell for contempt of Congress. What outfit will his wife wear on Instagram as she blows kisses to him in the prison yard?

Trump has proven to be an idiot savant of one maneuver, which is assessing a person’s weakness and using it to his advantage to the ruination of the person he’s exploiting. Attorney General Bill Barr is soon going to pay the price for allowing himself to become Trump’s puppet. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin is going to rue the day he decided his wealth and status as Trump’s step-and-fetch-it was more important than the welfare of the American people.

We will know all things when the full Mueller Report comes out, whether leaked or released. And those Trump tax returns are a foregone conclusion. Illinois has begun to vote on a proposition that no candidate can be on the ballot for 2020 in their state without showing their tax returns. Other states are making similar moves. As we’ve been telling you, Donald Trump is toast. There is no way out. We’ve been in a maze and we’re sick of it, but trust that all things come to an end. The wheels of justice move slowly, but they always move forward.

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