Donald Trump is heading for a fall

I have thought from the beginning of his “presidency” that Donald Trump was trying to destroy the U.S. Though I’m not clairvoyant, those thoughts seem to be coming to pass. While all the normal people in the world are trying to cope and adjust to our “new reality,” Donald Trump keeps doing what he has always done: sow seeds of hate, lie, and repeatedly change his stance on anything and everything. His same old, same old isn’t doing him any good, other than among his supporters, many of whom have taken to the streets to protest against being protected from a deadly virus. Trump supports their efforts. One thing: the vast majority don’t agree with Trump or his ridiculous followers.

When Piers Morgan, self-proclaimed “friend” of Donald Trump, publicly stated that Trump “is failing the American people,” you know things have really gotten out of hand. While Morgan defends his friendship with Trump, he must consider his viewers, in direct contrast to Faux News talking heads who seem to want to harm their viewers. In his “Good Morning Britain” interview, Morgan said that he has been watching Trump’s daily briefings (i.e., new campaign rallies) “with mounting horror.” He calls Trump’s appearances “self-aggrandizing, self-justifying, overly defensive, politically partisan,” yes, just like his hate rallies. Even more people are seeing through Trump, and that is going to cost Trump and other Republicans the election in November.

Donald Trump’s “rally around the flag” boost, which was small to begin with, is long gone. His approval rating is rapidly coming back to reflect his damage to this country. Not long ago, Trump declared himself the total authoritarian over opening the economy. A few days later, he said that decision belongs to the governors. So, which is it, Trump? He’s a classic bullshitter. That’s what he did in business, in reality TV, and it continues into the highest office in the land. Trump is so unqualified and inept that it remains unbelievable to most how he even got there. This is the very behavior that is bringing the cavalry to boot him out of office.

Trump’s bullshit plays well to his base but to no one else. Even as he continues to play to that base, some who were on the fence for him have jumped off. The signs are everywhere, and they’re not good news for Trump and his Republican cronies. Trump’s approval rating is spiraling rapidly downward in some of the states he most needs to win: Arizona, Florida, and Michigan. Republicans in general are doing poorly in these states as well. Let’s hope hitching their wagons to Trump was a bad move for most of them and good news for us. Their defeat is being reflected by the purse strings as Democrats everywhere are out fundraising them, including McSally in Arizona, McConnell in Kentucky, and Graham in South Carolina. Losing Trump, McConnell, and Graham in one fell swoop would be too sweet not to savor. Losing them all will be Miller Time.

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