Donald Trump is in complete freefall

Donald Trump has reached a point where he’s having a hard time even appearing coherent in public, making us all dread what his State of the Union will be like when he gives it next month. It’s hard enough to keep up appearances, nevermind run for re-election, but this has really been the only thing Trump has spent his presidency doing. Aside from helping to line his own pockets, his presidency is not going very well for him. Polls consistently show him losing to each of the major Democratic candidates in a potential matchup, particularly in the swing states that he needs to retain if he’s to have any hope at being re-elected.

Trump won Wisconsin by just 25,000 votes back in 2016, but he may not be so fortunate the next time around. Under his watch, the state best known for its dairy lost 10% of its dairy farms last year, the biggest loss in the history of the state. Even worse is that these losses are directly attributable to the administration’s trade war with China, which cut Wisconsin’s dairy exports in half. While the administration offered a bailout to reimburse farms for the damage, the money isn’t coming close to making up what the dairy farmers are losing. As Palmer Report mentioned in a previous story, this is a problem for farmers throughout the Midwest, who are also not being effectively reimbursed, with funds being poorly distributed.

The number of farms shutting down is likely only to increase as election season heats up, decreasing the likelihood that these farmers will continue to stand by Trump for re-election, and Trump can’t afford to lose any of his rural voters if he wants to keep Wisconsin. Even worse is that with the Democratic National Convention taking place in Milwaukee this summer, much of the media as well as the party will be focusing on the state and its most pressing issues, meaning we’ll likely hear about how Trump failed them well into the summer months.

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