Donald Trump is in need of medical attention

Donald J. Trump is a terrible man who is just worried about the market, because he has nothing else that will save him come November. On Wednesday evening, he held a press conference to address the Coronavirus issue and information coming from the CDC and impacting the stock markets, because it really angers him. In his typical, indecipherable gibberish, he stated:

“We have had tremendous success, tremendous success, beyond what people would have thought. At the same time, you do have some outbreaks in some countries – Italy and various countries – are having some difficulties.”

Trump then went on to somehow suggest that the number of cases in the United States would soon be zero. He also disclosed yesterday that, despite having no clue in general, and not being medically trained or informed on any subject matter, he disagrees with the CDC’s assessment. After doing so, he threw Mike Pence under the bus. In the meantime, he was surrounded by people actually in the know, who gave a much starker assessment of the situation than IMPOTUS gave. Trump then turned to his enemies list and blamed them for the markets, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the media.

In saner times, we would be having a real doctor examine this dangerous man and likely ruling him mentally incompetent to run the country. Rather than try to attack a real health crisis and be the adult in the room, Trump is only worried about the stock market and his ability to talk of how great the markets are. We need a doctor to fix this malignancy on our republic, and soon. Is it November yet?

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