Donald Trump is out of gas

Donald Trump recently spent his time (and our money) holding hate rallies in support of Republican gubernatorial candidates in the south. It backfired. Anything backfiring on Trump is good news for the rest of us. Louisiana and Kentucky rejected Trump while Mississippi offered no surprise. Mississippi is the poorest, yet most conservative state in the nation. How is that conservatism working for you, Mississippi?

Mississippi also gave us Cindy Hyde-Smith, who single-handedly blocked a gun bill proposed by Democrats in the midst of the latest mass shooting, claiming that the bill “infringed on second amendment rights.” What about our right to live free of being randomly murdered? These were children. What about their right to go to school to get an education without being murdered? These are the types of people that Trump wants you to support: self-centered, party-driven idiots.

It’s not surprising that John Bel Edwards won reelection in Louisiana. He’s a moderate Democrat who enjoys popularity in his state. What is surprising is that Trump thinks his name and backing are more powerful than Edwards’ popularity. He made three trips to Louisiana in support of multimillionaire Republican candidate Eddie Rispone. While visiting Louisiana on one of those trips, as Politico relayed, he told people at his rally that “I really need you, but you really need you, to send a message to corrupt Democrats in Washington. They are corrupt. They are crazy, crazy.” Then, when Bevin lost Kentucky, Trump said, “So, Trump took a loss. So you got to give me a big win, please. OK? OK?” The man is the poster child for narcissism. These races were about the men running, not Trump. As he always does, he made this about him, and that idea crashed and burned big time. Hopefully, this is an indication that he will similarly crash and burn in 2020.

Trump completely overestimates his power. Unfortunately for Rispone, he believed in Trump’s power as well. Trump called in to conservative radio shows, recorded robocalls and videos, and sent out nasty tweets about Edwards, according to Politico. About all this effort did was show that, once again, Trump has no class and no concept of how politics work. At the same time, Rispone followed Trump’s lead, foregoing appearances in favor of an expensive television advertising campaign that centered around Trump. Trump surely loved every minute of it, but Rispone did nothing but waste his money. Rispone obviously doesn’t know that money can’t buy class or an election.

While Trump cronies now seek to distance Trump from these races, he is very much in the center of them. He stuck out his neck to tout himself and what a great president he has been. He doesn’t even bother to do his homework prior to his attacks, as Politico points out that Trump referred to Edwards as a “radical liberal.” A man who opposes abortion rights and is in favor of gun rights is certainly no “radical liberal.” In fact, Edwards sounds like a Republican. Trump is obviously too stupid to know that and merely made himself look like a fool and showed that the tide is turning against Donald Trump. Keep it going, Trump. You’re heading in the right direction for 2020 — out.

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