Donald Trump is rattled

Operation Warp Speed is happening but not the one Trump just announced. Just days ago, the White House was required by law to provide Biden with transitional offices in the event he wins the election. This, probably more than anything, is driving Trump into a frenzy.

The sh*t’s getting real and his insistence on reopening the economy and in underestimating the COVID 19 deaths are symptoms of his panic that he might not remain in the Oval Office. He’s now grappling with Brad Parscale, his campaign manager, the guy who helped steal the last election for Trump. This is not the time to be fighting with Parscale, but since Trump believes he can “Be Best” in anything all by himself, we’re hoping and praying he gets rid of Parscale. Then Biden will be a slam dunk for the win for sure.

The Flynn debacle is rattling his cage too. Judge Emmet Sullivan isn’t taking any of AG Barr’s nonsense. The Supreme Court ruling on his taxes is a ticking time bomb. There are those who say Trump is overrun with dementia, but we think his crazy behavior may have more to do with the stress of dodging all those criminal convictions speeding like a train in his direction.

The one to watch is Ivanka. For now, she’s hitting the road, doing PR for her daddy. While it’s a good thing to praise our hardworking farmers and feed those in need during the current situation, after years of her false platitudes and tone-deaf actions, no one is buying that she cares. We’re reminded of the video of Mike Pence carrying the PPE boxes for show. It’s all for show. But the panic is not. It’s real.

We’ve little doubt Ivanka and Jared will flee the country when Trump is no longer in office to protect themselves from criminal prosecution. Watch them closely because their actions are the real indicators of what’s going on in Trump’s head. He can’t do rallies, but Ivanka can make food boxes for the cameras and Jared can look busy with the pointless current task force he’d been assigned to. But don’t be fooled. When they throw in the towel and attempt to flee, the countdown will be at zero for Trump. And we suspect it’s coming quickly than even they realize.

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