It’s about to get a whole lot uglier

Annihilation ain’t pretty. We’re seeing it in real time now for Trump & Co. It’s going to be horrific. Trump has clearly committed treason. Soon, his taxes will be released showing he’s also a crook. Michael Flynn has now pleaded the Fifth to avoid testifying before Congress, which should go over like a lead balloon for the judge in his case. Giuliani has completely beclowned himself, not to mention surely gotten himself indicted in the Ukraine scandal.

Have we mentioned Mnuchin and Pompeo, who are also carrying water for Trump on this? Take those two dominoes down. And throw in Bill Barr, who’s got to be in diapers by now. One of the reasons for the hesitation to impeach Trump is the very real fear of the timing. If the impeachment inquiry goes forward without a smoking gun, the Republicans will block it at all costs, Trump will look martyred and perhaps even be re-elected by the idiots who voted for him the first time.

Timing will be everything now. It’s important to tread carefully and thoroughly on the entire impeachment inquiry. Mostly, it’s important to focus because of Mike Pence. Don’t forget, he was hand-picked by Trump’s fixer, Paul Manafort, who’s now in prison. We still don’t know the reason Manafort insisted on Pence, but we know he did so to the point of lying about plane troubles in order to delay Trump’s departure and set up a breakfast with Pence.

Kavanaugh is also waiting at the end of the line to potentially let Trump off, though he’s only one vote out of nine. Things have to be perfect, and amidst all the obstruction, the going will be tough. But we’ve come this far, folks. We can do it. We have to do it. Everything is at stake. We can’t afford to fail.

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