It’s only going to get messier from here

The world is now questioning whether COVID 19 originated in a lab or a wet market. Wet markets are ubiquitous across most of the world. You cannot buy packaged chicken in most of Asia, Africa and South America; you can buy chicken, however, at your local wet market. In Singapore, wet markets are rigidly overseen and regulated. In China, not so much. It’s not the wet market, per se, that’s the problem, it’s the regulation or lack of it. But none of this answers the question of whether China engineered a bioweapon that was intentionally, or not, set loose upon the world.

Even if it was engineered, there’s one person who won’t care: Donald J. Trump. China is his friend. Xi, the Chinese leader, is issuing copyrights to Ivanka, and probably others, from baby blankets to coffins. Trump won’t piss off China no matter what. But what Trump will do is cover for Xi. China has no extradition treaty with the US, so it’s definitely a place where Trump & Co. can flee to, along with Russia, Saudi Arabia and other places. Our bet is on China.

The reason is that the Chinese are smart enough to know they would want all the secrets they could milk out of Donald. And unlike Russia which has the economy of Mexico, China would actually be able to withstand the blowback if they allow refuge to our criminal former President.

Donald’s delusions are still going strong, hence his since-withdrawn appointment of Ivanka on the committee to reopen the US economy. But watch this space. From here on out, the meltdowns are going to get messier, the paranoia is going to gallop, the secret plans will be made for a bunch of Republicans to flee the long arm of the law should Biden win the Presidency.

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