It’s over for Bernie Sanders

The unknown is frightening, and the full result of “president” Donald Trump’s decision to ignore coronavirus until it got out of hand is even more frightening. Many are finding positive ways to divert our attention. Celebrities are donating money, giving free video concerts, and free rent to their tenants. These selfless acts are wonderful, but we must also stay focused on our future, a future free of Donald Trump and his incompetent administration. To do that, let’s look toward our future with a new, better president, Joe Biden.

It’s hard to keep up with what Biden is up to unless you seek him out, but some of the media is trying to keep us updated. Politico did that the other day with a piece about Biden and Sanders and their race to the White House. In that piece, we find that Biden has taken the lead in Wisconsin, which is certainly good news. Four years ago, Sanders dominated in Wisconsin, and a mere six weeks ago, he held a double-digit polling lead. That has all changed.

Sanders is expected to lose in Wisconsin. The latest Marquette Law School poll shows Biden up by almost 30 points. Experts believe that the big change results from a consolidation of support behind Biden. Just imagine how that consolidation will work against Trump if only Sanders would get on board. Even though Sanders continues to hold the lead among young voters, Biden has African-Americans, and he’s gaining in the area of white working-class voters. The poll further reveals that Biden has made huge strides in union and union-aligned voters. When you consider that Biden has already taken six states that Sanders won in 2016, it’s difficult to see how Sanders believes he still has a “slim path” to taking the Democratic nomination. Slim and none is more like it. If Biden successfully wins Wisconsin, the fat lady will sing for Sanders.

Biden must feel that victory is within his grasp. He has begun vetting vice-presidential candidates and looking at who might comprise his cabinet. According to Politico, he has informed Sanders of his actions because, as Biden said, the process takes time. Background checks have to be run, and Biden doesn’t want to waste time sitting around while Sanders pretends to still be in the race. Biden wants to choose the right people. Biden held a virtual fundraiser Friday night and told attendees that his campaign is just about ready to unveil a committee that will handle vetting duties. He has also spoken with President Barack Obama about the process of choosing people for cabinet positions to choose in line with his statement that “a good leader has to be willing to have people that are smarter than them, know more than they know about a subject, and bring in people who, in fact, have an expertise you don’t have.”

If Biden sticks with his statement, he will be a wiser and better leader than Trump, who likes to surround himself with “yes” men, family members, and people whom he thinks he can push around. Trump is not and never will be a leader. The time has arrived to fully begin the movement to better leadership.

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