It’s time for this to end

If anyone still doubts that Donald Trump and his campaign were, in fact, directly involved with Russian interference in the 2016 election, please put on your common sense hat. Look at what he is doing right now, trying to get Ukraine, Australia, the UK, and China to interfere in 2020. And those are the only ones we know about. It is painfully obvious that since Trump got away with it once, he has no qualms about doing it again. The difference this time, however, is that he is in office, and his activities are monitored. He’s either too stupid to know that or too narcissistic to believe that breaking the law applies to him. Think again, Dim Donnie.

The press has revealed that the original whistleblower is CIA. Now, another member of the intelligence community, who has even more direct contact, has filed a second complaint, and their counsel announced that they represent “multiple whistleblowers” according to the Washington Post. Surely, all of these intelligence community people aren’t lying about Trump.

What is Trump doing? Continuing to show the world that he is, as a friend of mine would say, bat-shit crazy. He wants Mitt Romney “impeached” according to his tweets. Senators can’t be impeached. They can be recalled, but they can’t be impeached. Sheesh. Trump is also trying to blame Rick Perry for his call to Ukraine. What? Trump better be careful; Perry is resigning (though he now claims he’s not resigning), and he has no reason to continue to back Trump or to put up with his insanity. Outgoing Republicans need to grow a backbone and come out in support of our country rather than continuing to protect Trump.

At the same time, CNN reports that support for impeachment continues to grow. CNN takes an in-depth look at these numbers, comparing Trump’s inquiry to the impeachment inquiries against Presidents Nixon and Clinton. The news isn’t good for Donald Trump. CNN looks at these numbers during similar timeframes for all three presidents. In the case of Clinton, 45% of Americans approved an impeachment inquiry while 53% disapproved. For Nixon, 43% of the public supported an inquiry while 41% were against. At the same timeframe for Trump, the numbers were 46% in favor, 3% higher than Nixon. Following the House’s announcement of a formal inquiry, the number of Americans who support a Trump inquiry rose to 51% for and 44% against. What can possibly be holding the people in the 44% category back is mind boggling. We can only assume they are people who believe the “deep state” nonsense.

Though CNN details that “polarization” and “dislike” for Trump may be at play, given his extremely high disapproval rating, they don’t believe that to be the cause of these numbers. CNN explains the situation this way: “Americans think Trump did something wrong that, at a minimum, deserves to be looked into for possible impeachment.” Possible? “Probable” is more likely. It’s time for Donald Trump to answer for his crimes. The American public sees that, even if his fellow Republicans don’t. That matters little for it’s the American public that rules in the end. The Republicans can either get on board or continue to suffer the fallout.

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