It’s time to take back our country

“President” Donald Trump thinks he is so smart. Sure, his cruelty and ignorance pander directly to his racist base, but little does he know he continues to turn off independents, a group vital to his reelection. While some Sanders supporters previously vowed not to vote for Joe Biden, many have hopefully changed their minds given Trump’s worsening behavior. Is Trump so stupid to think his tactics will work for him? “Stupid” isn’t the correct word; “narcissist” is, and that is what drives him. His most recent stunt is yet another nail in his coffin.

Donald Trump wanted a photo op so badly that he did not care who stood in his way. He wanted it to be the photo op to end all photo ops, so he decided that he would stand in front of St. John’s Episcopal Church, awkwardly holding a Bible. Unlike Joe Biden, Trump had no interest in being near or interacting with protestors at the site, so what did he do? Trump had federal authorities fire flash-bang shells, gas, and rubber bullets at the protestors, even though thirty minutes remained before the city’s curfew went into effect.

This is the portrait of a man who calls himself “an ally” of peaceful protestors and a “law and order” president. He is neither. He is a coward and a bully, both of which were on full display for his precious photo op. Pastor Mariann Budde and the bishop of the Episcopal Diocese, Michael Curry, are livid. How dare this shell of a man who has created nothing but turmoil, perch himself in front of a church holding a book he has obviously never touched, let alone read? If Trump is thinking that patronizing the Christian community is going to change his dismal poll numbers, he is sadly mistaken.

Following Trump’s inconsiderate, uncaring, and unfeeling display, Joe Biden addressed the nation in a speech far more presidential than anything “president” Trump can make. Biden started his speech with the words “I can’t breathe.” It feels as if Biden is really listening to us and is sincerely reaching out to help us figure our way out of the mess our nation has become. We so need this type of message right now. Biden did not, however, miss the opportunity to point out Trump’s failures, laying bare the very worst in Trump: “He thinks division helps him. His narcissism has become more important than the nation’s well-being that he leads.” Biden is acutely attuned to Trump and his complete inability to lead. Trump never wanted to lead; he wants to own, he wants to conquer, he wants people bowing to him. That will never happen.

Biden ended his speech with a challenge for all of us: “I ask every American, look at where we are now and think anew. Is this who we are? Is this who we want to be? Is this what we want to pass on to our children?” The answer is a resounding “no.” It is time to take back our country. Who is with me?

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