James Carville just revealed that Donald Trump has a whole new problem

General Mark Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, did something remarkable on Thursday: he apologized to the American people for having participated in Donald Trump’s infamous church photo op. With so any military leaders openly turning against Trump, now including one who works in the White House, it raises the question of just how much of a military problem Trump has.

On Thursday night, political operative James Carville appeared on the Brian Williams show on MSNBC to discuss the development. Carville is nothing if not connected, and he said that he’s discussed things with a number of flag officers within the U.S. military. They all said the same thing: they’re sick of Trump’s antics and they can’t wait until he’s gone.

That doesn’t mean everyone in the military is now against Trump. But it means Trump has two problems. First, military members – and military minded voters – tend to vote Republican. With Trump’s poll numbers already in the garbage, he can’t afford to lose even a fraction of military voters, yet that’s clearly happening.

Second, if Donald Trump loses the election, he’ll surely threaten to refuse to leave the White House until he gets concessions on the criminal charges he’s going to face at the federal and state level. That’ll be an empty threat; Trump can’t just magically remain in power after Joe Biden is sworn in. But for Trump to deceive people into believing he can pull it off, he’ll need to sell the notion that the military would back him. Yet as Carville just revealed, the military is continuing to turn against Trump just the same as the rest of the country.

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