Jeff Flake just gave something away about Donald Trump

Former Republican Senator Jeff Flake has long shown us that he’s the kind of guy who would like to do the right thing, but he lacks the guts to actually do it. It’s why no one misses him now that he’s gone from politics. He occasionally resurfaces with op-eds that sound good in theory, but lack any substance. Today is different, though.

During a new interview with the Washington Post today, Jeff Flake announced – in his own grammatically tortured way – that he’s voting for Joe Biden over Donald Trump. It’s not entirely surprising that an anti-Trump Republican like Flake is voting for the Democrat just to try to get Trump out. What is somewhat surprising is that he’s announcing it.

There’s a reason Jeff Flake ultimately caved on the Brett Kavanaugh thing after having briefly tried to show some couragae. If Flake had succeeded in costing conservatives a Supreme Court seat, he’d have never been able to make a penny as a conservative lobbyist, which is where all Republican politicians go for work after their careers fail. So Flake isn’t going to defy the conservative establishment now. Yet he’s telling everyone that voting for Biden over Trump is the right thing for reasonable Republicans to do.

It’s difficult to imagine that Jeff Flake would say something like this unless his wealthy conservative puppet masters signed off on it. You have to wonder what’s behind it. Donald Trump’s approval and poll numbers are dropping by the day – to the point that the GOP is at severe risk of losing the Senate. Are Flake and the GOP overlords now trying to drive moderate Republicans to the polls by urging them to vote for Biden, in the hope that they’ll vote for downtick Republicans while they’re there? This feels like a GOP panic move.

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