No wonder Donald Trump just admitted that Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself

Dead men really do tell tales. Jeffrey Epstein is coming. What’s on the menu going forward has Donald Trump terrified. First, the phony scandal about Biden has failed, and we would like to ask Russian GRU military intelligence if they had a hand in promoting it. Then Trump’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, went on the air and opened the hornet’s nest. She exclaimed that anyone who is not guilty of a crime should welcome full disclosure and investigation.

Like the morons Trump and his family are, this has now ricocheted all the attention back to the dozens of women who are going after Trump with sexual assault allegations. The focus is where it needs to be, and we now have the Epstein documents.

May 1st, a judge ordered the Epstein documents unsealed, allowing mention of non-parties. This is why Trump is retweeting that Epstein did not kill himself. Remember, everything Trump does is a distraction. If he can get the media to run in the direction of how Epstein died, then no one will have time to focus on why Epstein was in prison in the first place. Don’t fall for it.

Trump’s tax records are soon to be decided by SCOTUS, the unredacted Mueller Report will be out, Deutsche Bank, Mazars and the Kavanaugh scandal is bursting at the seams. The public SCOTUS hearings will be fascinating. Bill Barr has had his finger in the Trump dike holding back the truth but the dike is crumbling. And now Lara Trump is exclaiming how innocent people want all the facts revealed. We couldn’t agree with her more.

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