Joe Biden comes out swinging

Joe Biden held a press conference today that went ignored by CNN and MSNBC. That’s a shame, because with little effort, Biden made himself look far more presidential than the current Oval Office occupant. He immediately rebutted Donald Trump’s insane plan to try and “reopen the country” by Easter in mid-April, suggesting that Trump and Americans in general side with doctors, researchers and infectious disease specialists before they side with Trump’s donors who are hoping for a quick jump start for the stock market. Biden also addressed business leaders and urged them to take a more cautious view, assuring them that the new stimulus bill will help to boost the economy without putting workers at risk.

Biden’s view has not only been shared by people like Bill Gates and Mark Cuban, but a number of economists as well who think re-opening the markets prematurely could lead to unprecedented disaster. Among them is Michael R. Strain who works as the director of economic policy studies at the conservative-leaning American Enterprise Institute, who wrote recently in an op-ed: “A warning to the president: Trying and failing to reopen the economy before economic activity is organically ready to resume could have dire economic consequences.”

At best, Trump’s reckless response would only allow a partial recovery while only adding more uncertainty that could quickly make things worse. America has been forced to navigate a crisis alone as Donald Trump clearly gets more unhinged by the day – with the prospect of having to endure more time under quarantine and that it’s a whole lot harder to get his way.

In Joe Biden’s press conference, he’s shown that he’s clearly much better at leading – and can unite the governors and mayors who have stepped up to fill the leadership vacuum left by Trump.

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