Joe Biden comes out swinging at Donald Trump

Joe Biden has often faced criticism for holding town halls from his house, even though COVID-19 makes traveling quite difficult. The media has largely been ignoring his campaign unless they’re looking to drive speculation on who will serve as his running mate. This doesn’t mean, however, that Biden isn’t proposing some significant reforms the country desperately needs to pass if we ever hope to recover from the disasters brought on by the Trump administration. He’s also been making statements from day to day that are getting harder for the media and the Trump administration to ignore.

In a Wednesday commencement speech for graduates of Columbia University Law School, Biden took clear aim at Donald Trump when he urged his audience to “protect the very foundations of democracy,” as they go on to establish their careers. He left no doubts that he was targeting the current administration as he continued on.

“Trust in self-governance. Because right now, it’s under attack,” Biden said. “The very people tasked with enforcing the rule of law are abusing their powers, protecting their friends, weakening the very principles that make our country work.” It’s a pretty apt description of how Donald Trump spent the last three years, expecting the Justice Department to punish his enemies at every turn. He’s also decided that his best bet to winning re-election is to implicate Joe Biden in an absurd new conspiracy theory that falls apart with each passing day.

Rather than stoop to Trump’s level by responding to the absurdity that is #Obamagate, Biden offered a picture of what a real leader looks like – someone who has future generations in mind and how they will think of us, while Donald Trump thinks of no one but himself.

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