Joe Biden has a plan

While the media is playing into a narrative about a lack of media appearances from Joe Biden, and giving Donald Trump a lot of undeserved free air time for his re-election campaign where he spreads a lot of dangerous and misleading information on the crisis he’s too ignorant and undisciplined to handle himself, Biden decided to release a new campaign plan on Thursday.

During the primary, Biden was already setting up conference calls with health experts on how to deal with the pandemic, but he’s well aware that simply stemming the spread of the disease is far from the only challenge it presents. That’s why he’s come up with a short-term compensation plan for companies forced to shut down over the pandemic.

The plan would allow for businesses forced to shut down to keep their employees on payroll at reduced hours, allowing them to keep their healthcare and other benefits while out of work, using federal subsidies to make up the difference. So far, 22 million people have filed for unemployment – a number that could potentially get worse the longer this pandemic progresses.

27 states already have similar programs in place, which means the implementation of his program, something that the Obama administration sought to do, would be manageable if Biden won the presidency and Democrats took control of the federal government. This also makes Donald Trump look considerably worse, as he’s struggling to deliver a one-time $1,200 stimulus check just so it can have his signature. While Trump is desperate to re-open the economy, he hasn’t even given programs of this nature a thought – meaning we could potentially be much worse off if a second wave of novel coronavirus follows this one.

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