Joe Biden has a plan

As the primary has effectively narrowed down to just two candidates, it’s become all too common to say that either one of them is as bad as Donald Trump in common internet arguments. That’s of course not true – more now than ever – and actually more of a right-wing talking point. The only difference is that when conservatives say this, it means they have no other way to justify voting Republican.

People are arguing falsely that Joe Biden is looking to cut social security and medicare, which is not only wrong, it’s exactly what Trump plans to do if re-elected. In fact, the Biden campaign recently rolled out an ambitious plan that will not only expand on the Affordable Care Act, but also take on the American opioid epidemic in a way more detailed than any proposal released by a presidential candidate this cycle.

Biden’s plan commits $125 billion to fighting the epidemic, funding treatment, prevention and recovery programs, which would be paid for with increased taxes on pharmaceutical companies. The program would also take steps to prevent doctors from overprescribing pain medications and reforming the criminal justice system to stop locking up people over drug use. Measures would also be taken to slow drugs being brought in from China and Mexico and importantly, hold drug companies responsible for cases of addiction.

It’s not only elaborately thought out, it’s also good politics, since much of the Democratic Party could run on this for their platform to draw out voters – and potentially a number of undecided voters who supported Donald Trump just four years ago. Voting blue down the ticket – in primary season and in the general election, is the surest way to make this happen.

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