Joe Biden is doing something really smart to flip the Senate

As I’ve stated in previous stories, it’s not easy being a Republican up for re-election this year, which is why senators aren’t exactly saying a whole lot to defend Donald Trump anymore. Things are about to get even worse. Not only do they not have Trump show up and rally up his fans on their behalf (because it largely doesn’t work anymore), they may be feeling the full force of the opposition, as Joe Biden recently announced his plans to campaign heavily in 2020’s battleground states on behalf of the Senate candidates.

“It’s not enough to win the presidency,” he stressed while speaking at the Bethel AME Church in Wilmington. “We have to win back the Senate. We have to change the leadership in the Senate. Mitch McConnell cannot remain the majority leader in the Senate.” A former longtime member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Biden is determined to not only retake the White House, but also put a stop to McConnell’s scheme to keep appointing judges that are grossly unqualified and could impact federal courts for decades to come.

While candidates like Jon Ossoff and Cal Cunningham are not only getting an important boost at their campaigns in the near future, their rivals will have a much harder time distancing themselves from Donald Trump. If the campaign becomes about the soul of America, it’ll be hard to avoid being pressed on whether Trump’s rhetoric is dangerous – and the question has no good answer, either. Turning against Trump might seem brave, but could also backfire when it comes to his supporters, so their only hope is to run independently on their own record, and that may now be all but impossible.

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