Joe Biden just figured out how to get under Donald Trump’s skin

In spite of his usual periodic gaffes, Joe Biden has generally run a smart 2020 campaign. He figured out how to beat a large and highly talented Democratic primary field on a comparatively small budget. He’s figured out how to maintain his lead over Donald Trump while he’s been stuck operating from his basement. But this weekend may have been the real breakthrough for Biden.

When Donald Trump callously went golfing this weekend, while the U.S. coronavirus death toll was preparing to cross the hundred thousand mark, it set off an uproar among the public. Joe Biden and his campaign seized on it by immediately piecing together and releasing a new ad which condemned Trump for his golfing antics. It worked so well, Trump ended up having a berserk meltdown about it on Sunday night.

This isn’t the first TV ad that’s gotten under Donald Trump’s skin. We’ve seen the anti-Trump republicans from the Lincoln Project come up with ads that have had Trump up all night angrily ranting. But this new golf ad is notable in that it came directly from Joe Biden. It means Biden has figured out how to push Trump’s buttons for a desired effect. If Biden sticks with it, it’s going to come in handy as Trump continues to get more agitated and thus more easily manipulated.

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