Joe Biden just nailed Donald Trump

All through Saturday, despite the fact that he presides over one of the worst disasters to hit America, Donald Trump decided to go on yet another demented Twitter rampage, because his own insecurities need to be addressed before the lives of struggling Americans.

Among the many idiotic things he tweeted and retweeted was this sentence: “Scandal has defined the Obama Administration.” If you’ve been living in reality for the last eight years, you’d probably know that the Obama administration didn’t have even a hint of scandal. The only thing that came close was the absurd degree of Republican obstruction he faced at every turn, while right-wing media outlets like Fox News desperately tried to spin trivial things Obama did (like wearing a tan suit) into national outrage.

The phony #Obamagate scandal that Trump himself can’t even seem to define has actually caused a few Republicans to try and distance themselves from the specifics, knowing that trying a move as idiotic as having the former president testify before Congress could end disastrously for them in what is already shaping up to be a hard year for Republicans. Today, this particular tweet backfired for Trump as well, when Joe Biden decided to call him out at his own stupid game.

“It seems the way to get fired by President Trump is not to commit wrongdoing, but to investigate it,” Biden tweeted, referencing the fact that Trump simply decided to fire Michael Flynn because he was caught betraying his country, not because of what he did. Two things stand out here: Biden has caught onto Trump’s game – the classic projection that the media sometimes finds itself adapting to, and has called him out on it, knowing that Trump will almost certainly feel obligated to respond and make himself look even dumber in the process. Even Trump’s go to tactics for letting off steam are no longer safe for him politically.

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