Joe Biden just stomped all over Donald Trump

Even though the bots are making their rounds with the usual #WhereIsJoe nonsense on Twitter, Joe Biden held a large phone conference today with reporters where he demolished the Trump administration’s appalling lack of leadership in a time of crisis.

“Step up and do your job, Mr. President,” he said. “In times of crisis, the American people deserve a president who tells them the truth,” Biden said. “Unfortunately, President Trump has not been that president.”

Biden specifically targeted Donald Trump’s decision to leave state governors to fend for themselves and pointed out Trump’s overall ignorance of the Defense Production Act which he reluctantly authorized this morning even though he earlier said he would only use it in a worst-case scenario, while also calling on Donald Trump to get tests immediately for everyone who needs them – in the way the Obama administration managed to successfully test large numbers of people and prevent the 2009 swine flu outbreak from turning into a worst case scenario, while also directing the Defense Department to prepare for hospital shortages and to mobilize and expand the Medical Reserve Corps.

Biden has already set up a public health advisory committee on COVID-19 and has been regularly in touch with Democratic House and Senate leaders, as well as governors – effectively demonstrating that he knows how to unite the party in a time of crisis. Democrats may not have the White House yet, but we’re getting a clear picture of what things might look like if they had full control of the government.

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