Joe Biden knocks it out of the park with impassioned speech, as Fox News sticks it to Donald Trump

Donald Trump hasn’t tweeted anything in fifteen hours, prompting people across social media to quip that perhaps the wifi has gone out in the underground bunker. Meanwhile, Joe Biden traveled to Pennsylvania to give a speech about the current state of the coronavirus crisis and economic crisis.

Joe Biden’s speech was impassioned, and a clear clarion call for the change in leadership that this nation desperately needs. Biden touched on Donald Trump’s failures, negligence, lies, and corrupt antics throughout the coronavirus crisis, including his deranged plan to hold a rally this weekend. But the speech itself wasn’t the biggest problem for Trump.

All three cable news networks are increasingly shying away from Donald Trump’s press briefings, often cutting away from them long before they’re over or not airing them at all. But Joe Biden’s speech was aired nearly in full by all three networks (CNN joined late after coming back from a commercial break). That’s right, even Fox News essentially gave Biden free advertising by airing his anti-Trump speech.

Sure, Fox News then went on to bizarrely ask “where was the fire” in Joe Biden’s speech. But the point is that Fox gave Biden the opportunity to explain to Donald Trump’s own fans how Trump has been lying to them and blowing this from the start. Considering how far ahead Biden is in the polls, Fox had to air this speech in order to maintain the appearance of credibility – but Fox stuck it to Trump in the process.

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