Joe Biden has something up his sleeve tonight

In advance of Sunday night’s debate, Joe Biden has announced that he’s adopted another plan from one of his primary opponents. Yesterday, news broke that he was endorsing Elizabeth Warren’s bankruptcy plan, along with a hint that if Biden were elected, the two of them would be working together in some capacity or other – not necessarily in his administration – she might also play an elevated role in a senate with a Democratic majority.

Now, Biden is going to add a plan proposed by Bernie Sanders in the primary: to make public colleges and universities free for students in families that make less than $125,000 a year, a plan that was first proposed in 2015 by Hillary Clinton when she ran for president.

“It’s a good idea, and I am proud to add it to my platform,” said Biden in a tweet. While the primary race may have come down to two candidates that were not your preferred candidate in the race, let it be known that this is exactly how primaries are intended to work. You may feel like Vice President Biden is too moderate of a candidate to your liking, but the primary isn’t just about picking the most electable candidate. It’s also about establishing a platform for the entire party to run on.

Already, we’ve seen some bold proposals from both Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris concerning education and the economy. Now we have a candidate who is willing to help make these proposals a reality. When you vote in the primaries this year and again in the general, you’re voting for more than just the president – by voting Democrat, you’re voting to help make these bold proposals a reality.