Former Tea Party leader vows to support any Democratic Party nominee over Donald Trump

This week, former Congressman Joe Walsh ended his 2020 Republican primary challenge against Donald Trump. This came after Trump made a significant effort to cancel Republican primary contests in some states. Walsh isn’t done, though, because he just announced that he’ll throw his support behind any 2020 Democratic nominee over Trump.

This is crucial because Joe Walsh isn’t some moderate. He’s a former Tea Party leader with a number of far-right views. But he’s putting country over party and ideology, because in his words, Trump is “a dictator.” You can watch part of Walsh’s explanation below:

This kind of thing is crucial. Even if someone like Joe Walsh can’t reach Donald Trump’s base, his voice does carry weight among conservative voters who neither love nor hate Trump. If he can convince even a small fraction of them to join him in voting for the Democratic nominee in 2020, Walsh can help make a meaningful difference if the race ends up being close. You can follow Joe Walsh’s Twitter account here.

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